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About Us

About Us

Nueva Esperanza exists as a ministry that seeks to glorify God through compassionate support of children to equip a new generation of disciples in Honduras. Children are given daily care and attention along with being taught biblical values, personal hygiene, and life skills. Academic reinforcement, food, clothing, and medical care are also part of our program. This ministry seeks to return these children as young men and women to their communities equipped to encourage others to make social, spiritual, and economic changes in their lives.

As the ministry continues to expand, opportunities like weekly Bible studies, special training workshops, and evangelical outreaches are offered to the mothers and other family members. These educational opportunities continue to show promising results.

Why Honduras?

Honduras is a beautiful country plagued by poverty. Being one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, its greatest need is to know the love of God.  We want to meet the hopelessness and bleak reality of the country with the love of God so that the people may embrace it and share it with others. 

Hondurans need to become disciples of Christ in order to best live as He instructs. In the spirit of Mathew 19:14 which says “...Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them; for such is the Kingdom of God,” we endeavor to create an environment where children can gain the tools and skills needed to become pupils of Christ. 

Creating such an environment is a monumental challenge.  The majority of Hondurans live in extreme poverty.  Living conditions and sanitation are often terrible.  There are many teenage pregnancies, and single parent families are very common.  Furthermore, many families struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and spousal abuse is prevalent. Sadly, the children are usually the worst victims of this suffering. 

Honduras is full of many challenges and problems, but Nueva Esperanza brings new hope. Children from single parent homes are being fed and taught during the day so that their parents can work to meet the needs of their families. Probably the most beneficial aspect of our ministry is the ripple effect it has on the whole family. Rather than relieve the parents entirely of their child-rearing duties, Nueva Esperanza works with families to allow them to manage their responsibilities. Children are able to return home each night and share lessons, knowledge, and—most importantly—the gospel.