Career & Training Center

Our Plans for Expanding Nueva Esperanza in the Days Ahead

Nueva Esperanza Career & Training Center

Training Lives for better Career Opportunities

The dream started with the youth ministry many years ago. As our children grew into teenagers, they then moved on to high school and graduated. Nueva Esperanza was in a position to start thinking about what would happen to our graduates. 

Although some have been able to find jobs and move on to pursue undergraduate degrees at the local university, unemployment in Honduras is high making it hard to find permanent full time jobs especially when one lacks experience and training. Nine out of ten young people who desire to attend the local university need to find work in order to support themselves while studying. 

This along with the fact that many of our youth are forced to start thinking about supporting their families at a young age helped us come to the conclusion that our youth would benefit from learning a trade. We knew that in order to accomplish this dream, we’d have to find a place for our youth to learn the trade of their choosing. Nueva Esperanza bought a small piece of land over 14 years ago as the first step toward this goal. 

Since then, Nueva Esperanza has purchased more land and developed architectural plans. In 2020, the city gave the pre-approval for the permit to start building this facility. 

Our Vision

Our desire is that the Career & Training Center will serve as a way to bring people together as a larger community and give our children the tools to thrive in Honduras.  We will have areas and labs to teach vocational skills such as automotive, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, culinary arts and computer skills. It will also include parking, storage, apartments for interns, and offices for our staff. The top level will be an indoor soccer field used for outreach to the community. Our children and youth love soccer, and we want to provide a safe space for them to have fun and fellowship with one another. 

This facility will give HOPE to thousands as we train our children to be qualified and competent workers with a solid education. 

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