Child Sponsorship

                Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring our children is a great way to personally partner with Nueva Esperanza. To fully sponsor a child, the cost is $120 a month. However, sponsorship is divided into four $30 parts to make this more affordable for our sponsors. Each of these parts helps cover different costs:

  • Basic Needs Sponsorship- This allows us to provide nourishing food, clothing, medical attention and other basic needs for a child.
  • Daily Care Sponsorship- This allows us to provide and maintain a building with classrooms, a playground, a library, and a kitchen for the children to come to and receive loving care each day.
  • Education Sponsorship- This sponsorship allows Nueva Esperanza to hire qualified Christian teachers and purchase educational materials and resources to assist with the education and spiritual training of each child.
  • Instructional Development Sponsorship - This allows us to hire qualified, Christian teachers and staff to teach, guide, counsel, and support the children we serve as well as provide professional development training for our teachers.  

At Nueva Esperanza, we encourage sponsors to cover as many parts as is possible for a single child. When the expenses exceed the income we receive from sponsors, General Funds are used to make up the difference.  

Sponsors have the option of giving their contributions in a variety of ways. Nueva Esperanza accepts direct deposits, online credit card payments, and checks. Sponsors have the option to make these payments monthly, quarterly, or yearly—whichever is more convenient for the sponsor.

There are many benefits in sponsorship, not only for the child, but also for you! Investing in children to allow them to hear the Gospel and to experience the love of God is our ultimate goal. All of this gives opportunities for the child to rise above poverty and for you to form a special relationship with your child that can last a lifetime.  You are given the opportunity to help them celebrate their birthday, Christmas, and even meet them by coming to visit Nueva Esperanza!  You will also be updated on a yearly basis of their living conditions and progress.  

We are blessed to have over 200 sponsors involved in the ministry, but we are also in continual need of sponsors. Nueva Esperanza currently has many children that do not have someone to sponsor them. Click the blue text to meet some of our children who are in need of sponsors.

                                                               Children in Need of Sponsors